Electronic Lectures Without PowerPoint

Are class lectures moving toward being done electronically? Or will the traditional whiteboard continue to be used? If they are electronic, does that mean that PowerPoint necessarily has to dominate? Or are there alternatives?

One alternative is to use HTML5 coupled with JavaScript. This provides several advantages:

  • The teacher can scroll smoothly through concepts, rather than having to show them on discrete slides.
  • The contents of the lecture are in an open easy-to-read format, that will be easily viewable for decades to come. (Without relying on proprietary software.)
  • Lectures can be posted online with no problem.
  • JavaScript applets can be inserted easily. These can perform small interactive demos, which could be easily traded among teachers throughout the world.

Are there other possibilities?

About the author


Computer science professor. Dedicated teacher. Looking for new ways to teach to make my lectures more fun and interactive.

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