Pre-camping Brewery Tour

As many of you may know, Portland is well-knows for its vibrant craft beer and microbrewery culture. If you’re getting into town Thursday or Friday, consider joining Brewvana’s Friday Behind the Scenes bus tour. The tour runs from 1-5 pm, and the price includes lunch, and tastings at all four stops on the tour. The bus picks up registered passengers at a number of spots around downtown. Jesse and I will both be on the tour and hope to see some fellow THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy campers along for the ride!

About the author


I'm on the partner board of Hybrid Pedagogy, the open access, open peer review scholarly collaborative organizing THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy. I'm also the co-founder and director of The Calliope Initiative, a non-profit organization engaged in designing useful, open source learning technology to facilitate student-centered writing and communication pedagogy. My academic background includes a JD and a PhD, both from the University of Georgia, and work as a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow and as Assistant Director of Writing and Communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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