Anne McClanan

  • Title / Position: Professor (full)
  • Organization: Portland State University
  • Website:

I was trained as a medieval art historian, and even as a grad student at Harvard, also held a position within the university art museums as Keeper of the Coins, for teaching with real objects has always been a central concern in my pedagogical practice. Now I still collaborate extensively with local museums as part of my teaching, but much of that work has shifted to online projects as a means of teaching art history and heightening access to locally housed artworks. Over the last 7 years, I have shifted to now mostly teaching online, which is highly unusual at my university for a full professor (it's tended to be ghettoized to non-tenure line faculty unfortunately). I am a consultant both with the Saylor Foundation and with a Duke University collaboration with a German university in the area of online learning environments for art history. I have also written a supplemental guide to online art history teaching for Cengage.

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