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Shockwaves [Flash File, Mark Fiore 10/18/01] Fiore predicts in this animation that the American bombing of targets in Afganistan is likely to unleash violent anti-American tumult throughout the Islamic world.

On Guard [11/7/01, Flash File, Mark Fiore] Fiore puts forth an argument that our market economy fails to adequately invest in an essential public good: airport security.

A Nation Remembers [Flash File, Mark Fiore, 9/11/ 02] In this minimally animated flash file, Fiore dissects the ways in which he perceives that the Bush Administration shifted public attention and anger away from Osama Bin Laden to Saddam Hussein.

Color Alert! [Flash File, Mark Fiore, 3/20/02] This animation imagines a color-coded warning system (akin to that employed for Homeland Security) for what Fiore sees as the Bush Administrations power grabs.

Super-Smart Bomb [Flash File, Mark Fiore, 9/19/01] Fiore suggests that even our best military technology is useless in the bewilderingly complex environment in which America will have to defend herself.

Best Excuse Ever [Flash File, Mark Fiore, 11/20/01] Fiore here critiques what he perceives as the efforts of some individuals and organization to use the war on terrorism as political cover for the pursuit of their long-standing agendas.

Operators are Standing By [Flash File, Mark Fiore, 5/22/02] Fiore mocks what he sees as the hallow quality of the Republican Partys critique of Democratic-led inquiries into intelligence failures before 9/11.

Turf Wara [Flash File, Mark Fiore, 6/11/02] Here, Fiore implicitly compares the rivalries among ethnic factions in Afghanistan to bureaucracies in Washington, D.C.

Hate Crime Primer [Flash File, Mark Fiore, 10/3/01] Fiore uses this animation to expose what he sees as the uselessness of racial profiling to ferret out terrorists, and the ways in which doing so may foster hate crimes.

Bush Doctrine 2.0 [Flash File, Mark Fiore, 6/18/02] The animation satirically explores the global ramifications of the Bush Administrations articulated policy of pre-emptive attacks.

Covering the War [Flash File, Mark Fiore, 10/25/0] Fiore contrasts the freedoms the press enjoyed during World War II with the limited information provided by the Pentagon during the military actions against the Taliban.
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