Mary Cote

  • Title / Position: Adjunct Instructor
  • Organization: Marylhurst University, Clark College, OIT-Wilsonville
  • Twitter: @MaryGreenleaves

Nicholas Carr rocks...just kidding. But he has provided a valuable starting-point for research in my freshman composition courses!

I worked for six memorable, wonder-filled years as an English professor on the faculty of Alaska's oldest continuously-operating educational institution, Sheldon Jackson College, a designated Alaska Native-serving school whose student body also featured a substantial number of nontraditional and adult learners. After SJC closed in 2007, I returned to my home state of Oregon and found work at Marylhurst University, another school with a proud tradition of serving nontraditional and adult students. Since starting at Marylhurst, I've added regular work at Clark College (Vancouver, WA) and OIT-Wilsonville (the Portland-area branch of Oregon Institute of Technology).

I thrive on the variety of courses and students I get to work with, both as an instructor and as a continuing adult learner. I consider lifelong learning vital to my professional development as an educator, and as part of this commitment, I am a degree candidate in Marylhurst's MAIS program (Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies). My work for the MAIS degree is focused generally around women's studies, environmental studies, myth, and Jungian depth psychology. My original graduate work was completed at the University of Oregon in the English Department, where I took a PhD in medieval studies after spending years studying narrative and narrative theory for my BA and MA degrees. These days, I'm occasionally taking English courses again at Marylhurst, this time focusing on creative writing. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to venture into an unexplored creative wilderness as a writer--the forest is my spiritual home!

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