General Discussion Session Proposal: Digital Humanities in a Community College Literature Class

I am currently working on a project entitled “Bringing Digital Humanities to the Community College and Vice Versa” and am teaching a Women Writers class (ENG260) at Lane Community College in Eugene this fall. It meets on MW in a traditional classroom and on Friday for one hour in a wired classroom. I’ve taught online for years, and am integrating blogs into my course as I have before. I am interested in sharing ideas with other CC faculty or all faculty teaching 100-200-level literature (or other humanities) classes ,to see what has worked for them before, what they’re doing now, and to share my own ideas about what digital humanities can look like at the freshman and sophomore level, especially for classes with hugely divergent preparedness in digital literacies and other literacies.

Digital storytelling? Oral history projects? Tiki-toki timelines? Online Sherlock Journals? Blogging, wikis, social media, text annotation without TEI skills? What’s possible? What are others doing?

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Doc McGrail

I first learned about DH from Alan Liu's Transformations project almost 10 years ago. C18 lit had been my area in grad school, and I was fascinated by the parallels between emerging literacies in that century and in our current one. I teach lit and writing at a Lane Community College in Eugene Oregon. I have been leading faculty development for our Title III grant for four years, have taught online for six years, and have done hybrid pedagogy since using phpbb bulletin boards in the early 2000s in the classroom.


  1. Robin Wharton

    This sounds like a relevant, useful session. Like you, I spend much of my time teaching in lower-division undergraduate and FYC classrooms, and I work hard to integrate digital humanities influenced projects into my syllabi. I’ve had success with Jesse Stommel’s Twitter essay: www.hybridpedagogy.com/Journal/files/Twitter_and_the_student2point0.html, Brian Croxall’s Google and SIMILE timeline: briancroxall.net/TimelineTutorial/TimelineTutorial.html, a public class wiki, and various projects using a hodge podge of markup technologies (including XML) to facilitate close reading. I would love to hear about what others have been doing, and the notes and ideas generated by this session could potentially be useful to a fairly broad audience beyond THATCamp Hybrid Ped.

  2. Keri Sanburn Behre

    I’m not sure if this fits here or in a separate or concurrent session,
    but it would be very useful to have a space to talk about the digital
    humanities in small, teaching-focused institutions.

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