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THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy Follow-up (Nov. 4)

At some point on Sunday, November 4, tweet on the #thatcamphp hashtag about something you’ve done since THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy that used or engaged or built upon what you learned here. Let’s also organize Google hangouts, blogging carnivals, and other forms of interaction designed to draw us back together and into conversation.

#THATcampHP Love Tweet Pics

A lot of wonderful conversations are sprouting up both in sessions, at lunch, and in passing. And along with that, a lot of great photos are being posted. Below, you will find a bunch of pictures I am attempting to collect off of twitter so you can access them in one easy location. Enjoy!   …

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Hack-a-thon: Design a DH/Multimodal Degree Program

In this hack-a-thon, I suggest we design our own digital humanities undergraduate/graduate degree curriculum. There are many emerging programs that offer something like digital humanities (WSU’s Digital Technology and Culture and WSU-Vancouver’s Creative Media and Digital Culture, Marylhurst’s online/hybrid DH program, Georgia Tech’s Multimodal Communication program, FSU’s Histories of Text Technologies program, UCLA’s Digital Humanities program, U …

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Teaching Mobz

26 : 1 Teaching is a lonely profession. Let’s work on ways we can make it less solitary: Inter-institutional collaboration Co-teaching Group teaching observations Roving mobs of teachers… Class swaps What else?  

General Discussion: Student Portfolios and the Big Picture

As an ed-tech librarian I’ve been working with different departments on creating an online portfolio piece for their students. Unfortunately, this has been limited so far to portfolios that only demonstrate a student’s work in a specific department or class – not the student’s work across all classes, activities, and experiences. I would really love …

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Grab Bag: Web Tools and-or Assignments Show and Tell

This is inspired by a similar session I saw at THATcamp LAC 2011.  Anyone who wanted to share a cool tool / app / method that they were using in their classes or personal workflow could use the classroom computer to quickly demo the tool / app / method in about 3 minutes.  We were …

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Distance, Blended, F2F: Classroom 2.0

Now that the face-to-face classroom is no longer the de facto setting for learning, what are the best practices for blending embodiment and virtuality? I work in and study virtual classroom software in the context of my classes at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication.  Living in Portland, OR but working in …

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Participating Virtually? Want to propose a session?

In keeping with the theme of THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy, our goal is to open our un-conference to the broadest possible spectrum of blended and virtual participation. For those of you who cannot be here in person, but would be interested in leading a hybrid session, we invite you to propose one in the comments to …

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General Discussion Session Proposal: Digital Humanities in a Community College Literature Class

I am currently working on a project entitled “Bringing Digital Humanities to the Community College and Vice Versa” and am teaching a Women Writers class (ENG260) at Lane Community College in Eugene this fall. It meets on MW in a traditional classroom and on Friday for one hour in a wired classroom. I’ve taught online …

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