Work session: “College, Reinvented”

The Chronicle of Higher Education began a series last week titled “College, Reinvented“. In addition to 15 thought provoking articles suggesting how higher education should change (for instance “Grades Out, Badges In” and “Ditch the Monograph”), the series is also soliciting designs for new models.  “If you could start your own institution of higher education from scratch, what would you build,” it asks. “Sketch out your idea—in prose or poetry, a picture, a video, or even a song—and send it to us.” Five will be published online, and one will be awarded $500. It’s the beginning of a populist think tank of sorts.

I love this idea. Since leaving the high school classroom in 2003, I have been imagining how school could work differently — how, in fact, it DOES work differently in many other areas of our lives (I explored this earlier this year at THATCamp SE with “Graded By The Street: Experiential Learning”). Institutions give us a wealth of stable structures (like windows, bathrooms, presidents, and libraries), but they also can present certain economic and pedagogical obstacles. In fact, Hybrid Pedagogy began after a series of conversations with Jesse about what our ideal school would look like.

The best THATCamps inspire work beyond their boundaries. I propose that we spend one session doing three things: 1) mapping the ideas already presented on “College, Reinvented,” 2) exploring the spaces that those pieces ignore, and 3) deciding what we (as individuals, as a large group, as teams) want to do to extend the reach of this inquiry beyond the contest (a blog, a report, an initiative?).

Oh, and we could also submit something(s). The deadline is Nov. 1. Submissions can include poems, videos, songs.


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I'm an Assistant Professor of English in the English, Technical Communication, and Media Arts Department at Southern Polytechnic State University, where I teach Composition courses for the Writing and New Media degree. My research interests include American Literature, experiential learning, religious rhetoric, digital literacies, and alternative models of schooling and scholarship. I'm the co-founder of Hybrid Pedagogy and the organizer of the Atlanta DH/D-Ped, a regional network for faculty and students in the Atlanta area. I am fascinated by my three children, the fiction of Cormac McCarthy, the films of the Coen Brothers, and the life Malcolm X. I tweet from @allistelling and blog from prorabaugh.com.

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