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Some Data from the #THATCampHP Hashtag

Click here for a full report on the Tweets from the #THATCampHP hashtag. Some quick data: 823 Tweets from 94 Contributors. 448,739 Impressions. Top Tweeters: @allistelling: 117 @esquetee: 109 Most Mentioned: @audreywatters: 91

#THATCampHP Photos

Digi Makes Appearance at #THATCampHP

Digi the Duck made an appearance this morning at THATCampHP. The good-humored duck said he was hoping to use some of the energy from Audrey Watters‘s excellent talk on publishing outside the academy to promote DigiWriMo — Digital Writing Month. Modeled after the inspirational National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), DigiWriMo encourages ambitious writers to create …

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#THATcampHP Love Tweet Pics

A lot of wonderful conversations are sprouting up both in sessions, at lunch, and in passing. And along with that, a lot of great photos are being posted. Below, you will find a bunch of pictures I am attempting to collect off of twitter so you can access them in one easy location. Enjoy!   …

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Guidelines For Un-Conferencing

THATCamp un-conferences are about redesigning how scholarly and critical conversations work. If you’ve never been to a THATCamp before, here are some short reminders for un-conferencing this weekend. For a more, see Tom Scheinfeldt’s  THATCamp Groundrules. See also THATCamp LAC’s More Hack Guide, compiled earlier this year. The Rule of Two Feet: Use them. You’re not …

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Evangelizing Social Learning

How can THATcampers play a role in bringing more of our faculty colleagues on board for practices of teaching and learning with social media? This question has lots of nuances and side issues that are not well represented in a straightforward statement of the topic. It’s not just social media, but all kinds of other …

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Digital field pedagogy

Lewis & Clark College has recently launched an initiative in digital field scholarship (DFS), spanning the humanities and sciences in an effort to explore how liberal education is enhanced via concepts of space/place, geolocated fieldwork, and associated devices/apps. Some examples I’m overseeing include an interdisciplinary undergraduate environmental research project, Situating the Global Environment, and a new DFS …

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Work session: “College, Reinvented”

The Chronicle of Higher Education began a series last week titled “College, Reinvented“. In addition to 15 thought provoking articles suggesting how higher education should change (for instance “Grades Out, Badges In” and “Ditch the Monograph”), the series is also soliciting designs for new models.  “If you could start your own institution of higher education …

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Who/What is a Digital Humanist?

In this general discussion session, we can consider the often-slippery definition of the digital humanities, especially as related to digital and hybrid pedagogies, and the ways in which teachers, scholars, and students identify as digital humanists.

How to implement hands-on learning while on-line?

People, and children in particular, learn best by doing, that is hands-on activities that reinforce and integrate knowledge.  “Learning in place” (e.g. how to engineer bridges by visiting, discussing, climbing or building real bridges) has also been shown to greatly improve learning and make it long-lasting.  So, how does one implement these kinds of learning …

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Another vote for a working session(s) on portfolios for student learning

We’ve been working on a portfolio framework here at Marylhurst, particularly in the context of our “Liberal Arts Core.”  We just spent the last year on a series of conversations (accompanied by pie) on the ePortfolios&Pie Project. Our interest is in exactly what Sara is imagining – a process and practice that goes across courses …

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General Discussion: Student Portfolios and the Big Picture

As an ed-tech librarian I’ve been working with different departments on creating an online portfolio piece for their students. Unfortunately, this has been limited so far to portfolios that only demonstrate a student’s work in a specific department or class – not the student’s work across all classes, activities, and experiences. I would really love …

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Electronic Lectures Without PowerPoint

Are class lectures moving toward being done electronically? Or will the traditional whiteboard continue to be used? If they are electronic, does that mean that PowerPoint necessarily has to dominate? Or are there alternatives? One alternative is to use HTML5 coupled with JavaScript. This provides several advantages: The teacher can scroll smoothly through concepts, rather …

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Geographic Information Systems and the Digital Humanites

I am a 20th and 21st century Americanist and research in the area of transnational American studies. I am currently pursuing a project that will think of ways in which we can incorporate GIS and GPS technologies in the Digital Humanities. Since the basic thrust of transnational studies is to question and erode national boundaries …

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THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy

THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy will be held in Portland, OR at Marylhurst University on October 20 and 21. The event is being organized by the English & Digital Humanities program and Center for Learning & Teaching at Marylhurst and the editors of Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal on Teaching & Technology. THATCamp Hybrid Pedagogy will bring together teachers, librarians, technologists, …

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