Evangelizing Social Learning

How can THATcampers play a role in bringing more of our faculty colleagues on board for practices of teaching and learning with social media?

This question has lots of nuances and side issues that are not well represented in a straightforward statement of the topic. It’s not just social media, but all kinds of other emerging technologies and platforms for online learning. It’s not just conservative faculty, but often also digital native students who resist using social media to learn productively. Getting students to work socially breaks our existing models of assessment, and the technical tools that we need to properly do social assessment still need to be built. The list goes on.

But, if you are like me, you are predisposed to attend THATcamp because you have chosen the red pill, and believe that the new technologies are not just a optional layer on top of the social world of our colleagues and students. So I hope that this discussion session can provide an open-ended  opportunity for like-minded teachers and scholars to share best practices for involving the whole faculty in the kind of higher education needed in the 21st century.

About the author


I am assistant professor of convergent media at Southern Oregon University, where I practice, teach and research visual communication and community journalism. I am also creative director for Vico Images, a globally distributed commercial stock photography agency. As a scholar, I am best known for my research on portrait and fashion photographer Richard Avedon. I routinely teach Žižek in undergraduate media theory courses, and occasionally make headway with my students.

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